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Obtaining php licences

The PHP license is a non-copyleft software license under which the PHP programming language is placed. The PHP license is a free software license incompatible with the GPL.

Licenses for Free Software

A free software is not a software that does not have a license, but software whose license guarantees certain freedoms. Free software licenses are used to protect these freedoms.
There are several types of free software licenses. The best known are the GPL (GNU General Public License) and the BSD license.
To be considered free, a software license must guarantee the four fundamental freedoms of free software :

  • the freedom to use the software
  • the freedom to copy the software
  • the freedom to study the software
  • the freedom to modify the software and redistribute the modified versions

The GPL adds the notion of copyleft (term in opposition to copyright). It implies that the modified versions of the program must in turn be published under a free license. We speak of inheritance of the GPL.
List of software licenses classified into three categories :

- The licenses of free software compatible with the GPL
- The free software licenses not compatible with the GPL
- The non-free software licenses

PHP License, version 3.01

This license is that of most PHP 4 code, but also PHP 5 and PHP 7. It is a free software license without copyleft, incompatible with the GNU / GPL because it contains important restrictions on the use of "PHP" in the name of the derivatives. The PHP license is an open source. It is also of type BSD, without the copyleft associated with GPL.

There is also a free license of PHP, also called PHP License or PHPL.

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