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Koddos : Served at the highest speed while staying protected

Every company aims to increase their turnover and achieve maximum profits. However, sometimes circumstances prevent them because they are not sufficiently protected. For this, it is imperative for them to opt for web hosting.

Trust professionals

With good hands, be certain that your server can work much faster while being protected. Among the large panels of companies that offer web hosting, koddos uses the most advanced equipment to ensure the protection of your site. The company offers a personalized premium hosting service to provide an environment through which your web pages can operate at a very high speed while including the fight against DDOS attacks. Koddos puts at your disposal experts and technicians very competent for the installation of web hosting. By venturing on their website https://koddos.net/ you will have the opportunity to choose the accommodation you need for the smooth running of your business. In addition to the premium service, the company also has several filtering software to better locate the attack and remove it.

How to eliminate a DDOS attack?

By relying on professionals such as Koddos, attempts to ruin your website will be dashed. As the major types of attacks on the servers of major websites are increasing, the Koddos team has deployed a large network of 40 Gbit. Once the attack reaches their systems, they immediately apply some of the traffic on the edge of their networks. This is after it is sent to the cleaning system or it will be analyzed thoroughly. At this point, the team will ensure that the attack does not reach customer services. Thanks to the filters the company uses, no traffic can go unnoticed. Each layer of the filter will remove them and dissolve them completely. Any attempt will be permanently eradicated even before reaching the network of your customers. For this purpose, your servers will be safe and your site will be able to operate much more quickly and operationally.