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a WHOIS PRIVACY is not always enough !

The world of the web would be a junk of information if the addresses did not exist. There are cases where you want to be hidden from the general public, free to make the choice. Do you think that WHOIS privacy is enough? The following texts may answer in the negative.

WHOIS privacy

Domain names each hold a WHOIS record. This form is located in a searchable database of all registered domains. The database in question is available to the general public on the web. This is a rather annoying concern since everyone will have access to personal information such as your contact or your address just in case. WHOIS privacy offers you an alternative. With it, your information is hidden and replaced by those of your domain registrar. In other words, WHOIS privacy will only allow you to hide behind your hosting domain. There are however risks involved when you choose to stay on this level of security. Indeed, any seasoned hacker will know how to circumvent this process if he wants to know your identity at all costs.

Protected servers

You may be in the so-called Offshore web hosting cases. There are servers that offer domain privacy in addition to WHOIS. In these cases, no information is released to the general public. Why opt for this solution? In this case, you will be absolutely sure that no spam or unwelcome mail arrives to you. You will also enjoy total anonymity. That said, you will be able to hide your website in the ignorance of your competitors as part of a market research. This will also help prevent some groups of people from stealing your information and reselling it to others. Finally, it is always good to know that you can work without someone outside of your circle know intimately about you. With WHOIS privacy, these risks are mitigated and not avoided. There are, however, types of domains that automatically offer confidentiality. The domains ending in .ca are in these cases.