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A good design for ecommerce is a simple and efficient design

As many of you may have noticed by surfing the web, some e-commerce sites tend to overlook their design and layout. However, the design of your site virtually represents the atmosphere and quality of your store, as if it were a physical trade. Today, and increasingly, the design of a merchant site becomes a key element of e-commerce strategy

Imagine that the seller of your shop neglects his dress or that all your products are mixed in your shop window. If you neglect the design of your website, the consequences will be exactly the same as in a traditional shop: your customers will think you are neglecting quality and that professionalism is not your first priority. They will go their way and go shopping to the competitor across the way. Conversely, a web shop with good design reflects your competence, your seriousness and the importance you place on quality. This will put your customers in confidence and enhance your reputation with them. Studies have proved that the presentation of the product has a strong impact on sales and that a product with a strong identity generates a purchase much more easily than a lambda item.

We create the best design for your ecommerce

Never forget that the first impression on a site is paramount, and that a good design reflects your professionalism, the image you want to give, the philosophy of your business, but above all the importance you place on your customers. Color gamut, typography, accessibility, ergonomics ... all essential elements that will optimize any strategy e-commerce and webmarketing, whatever the field in which your site evolves.
We attach great importance to design for your ecommerce because it is essential that a website represents in a totally transparent way the professionalism and the state of mind of our customers. But we also believe in the virtues of simplicity for ecommerce development. At Gentflow, we believe that a good design is a simple and efficient design.